Know More About Us!

Know More About US!

Check out how we have established the Mathematics and Science principles in our students!

Open House

Open House

Come on over and have a glimpse of how students are able to have fun and learn to solidify their Mathematics and Science principles!

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Register Now!

Book any class you are interested in to start/continue your journey on embracing Mathematics and Science principles!

For students that enrolled into 2 subjects, there will be 5% discount on the monthly fees.

For students that enrolled into 3 subjects, there will be 10% discount on the monthly fees.

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History of BAIZONN Learning

Founded in 2018, our group of highly qualified S.T.E.M.-related scientists, educators, engineers, and professors formed the BAIZONN GROUP with the goal of ensuring that STEM education at all levels is cutting-edge and contemporary. We are committed to offering organized access to high-quality tools and resources that promote advances in teaching and learning at all levels of the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

At Baizonn, we equip your child to ace his/her semester. We provide up-to-date curriculum and targeted lesson to set your child up for success in the upcoming terms.

Our Acronyms


  • Firm Foundation
  • Apply
  • Surpass
  • Top


  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Maths